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  • A beetle that lays eggs within and feeds on wood. The larvae and pupae feed on the starch in the wood while boring channels in its wooden host. Once developed into an adult, the insect bores out of the piece, leaving an exit hole.
  • Action taken to maintain an object in its existing condition to minimize the rate of change, and slow down further deterioration and/or prevent damage.
  • Adhesive tape that adheres to a surface when pressure is applied. The adhesive frequently degrades leaving a residue to the surface where it was affixed, which might stain or embrittle the paper support.
  • The shape of a frame moulding
  • A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to verify it's history, authenticity or quality.
  • Design characterized by a series of indents within the gesso prior to application of polychrome or gilding.
  • Composed of brass, it was often used as a DIY treatment to repair gilded frames. Over the years the brass oxidizes and turns to a dull brown, obscuring the original gold leaf beneath.
  • The dimensionsal bands on a leather spine.
  • Light source positioned on only one side of the support to create strong shadows that accentuate textures and deformations of a surface.
  • Mirrors can be resilvered to address damage the reflective coating beneath the glass. This damage can be considered part of the character and hence desirable on an antique mirror, and alternative options can be provided.
  • The front side of an item.
  • Popular in the late 19th century among artists such as Whistler and Degas, the design is composed of a series of narrow, parallel convex bands, or ribs that extend the length of the frame rail
  • The amount of water vapor held by a volume of air relative to the maximum amount which air at that temperature can hold. Expressed as a percentage of the actual water vapor held divided by the maximum water vapor which could be held at that temperature.
  • Action taken to modify the existing material and structure of an object in order to return it to a known earlier condition or original state.
  • The amount it would cost to replace an item with another of similar age, quality, origin, appearance, provenance, and condition within a reasonable length of time in an appropriate and relevant market. When applicable, sales and/or import tax, commissions, advisement fees, and/or premiums are(...)
  • Application of paint, decoupage or gilding on the interior side of glass which is protected by a backing board within a frame, with the exterior side remaining unchanged for viewing.
  • The reintroduction of a classic style or incorporation of an antique element into a new concept or design.
  • Ornamental relief of a ribbon twirling around a narrow stick
  • A design popular in Dutch frames and cabinetwork, characterize with a repeating perpendicular ridge along the length of the rail.
  • The amount of distance between the top edge and the flat top of a stretcher bar. The depth of a riser determines how much distance you will have between the canvas and the top face of the stretcher bar.
  • Composed of 100% cotton fiber ragboard used for archival supports and matting. Fade and bleed resistant. Naturally acid-free and lignin free. Available in 10 shades with sheet sizes up to 60" x 104" in select shades.
  • Inventor of the original welded aluminum frame.
  • A round, stylized rose or floral shaped design, often adorning corners of federal or Neoclassical period frames.
  • The residual value that remains in an object which has sustained damage. It is the price at which an object would sell for between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither party being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts and full awareness of(...)
  • Popular in the late 17th to mid 18th century this profile had an acanthus leaf at the hollow of the frame.
  • Type of 19th century finish that is comprised of a gilded coating of sand.
  • Heavily adorned Italian frames from the 2nd half of the 16th century influenced by architecture at the time, characterized with fruit garlands, overlapping scrolls, pediments, etc.
  • Scheduled personal property is a supplemental insurance policy that extends coverage beyond the standard protection provided in a homeowners' insurance policy. By purchasing a scheduled personal property policy, owners can ensure full coverage of expensive items, such as jewelry and fine art,(...)
  • A Chicago firm that was founded in 1976 that specializes in archival, custom framing services for artists, galleries, museums and clients.
  • Two or more sheets of Optium bonded together to create a custom oversized sheet to accommodate large works. Under typical viewing conditions, the seam is not ready evident.
  • Patented in 1970 as an affordable and easily assemble frame. Variations of the design are still in use today.
  • Tamper resistant hardware affixed to the wall and back of a frame that allows for removal with a key.
  • A design element made by scratching through a surface to reveal the layer of contrasting color or finish below. Oftentimes on frames, a layer of black finished is scratched to reveal a layer of gilding below.
  • A frame with increased depth to accommodate artwork or artifacts that have dimensional elements.
  • Shark or stingray skin that is used a decorative element to adorn a surface.
  • Developed in the 1880s, this is the most common black and white photographic medium. Images are produced with silver halides suspended in a layer of gelatin on a fiber based paper.
  • Leaf made of silver. It is often sealed to maintain it's natural appearance and luster, and to avoid tarnishing.
  • The chemical process of coating glass with a reflective substance. Oftentimes to create a mirror.
  • A durable PVC board that is lightweight and is often used as a substrate for mounting prints and photos to.
  • An archival presentation case that is stored horizontally that opens flat used for storing documents, artwork, maps, etc. Used in private collections, museums and libraries.
  • An insert made of plastic, wood, or mat board which holds the artwork away from the surface of the glazing.
  • A shaped liner designed to accommodate an oval or round piece within a rectangular pr square frame.
  • The part of the book cover that covers the binding of the text block.
  • Multiple moldings that are combined to create one frame.
  • (1853-1906) American architect and frame designer. Designed classical gilded frames for prominent artists such as Augustus St. Gaudens, Abbott Thayer and Thomas Wilmer Dewing.
  • An inner frame that is installed provide extra support to the decorative exterior frame.
  • A long narrow metal hanger that accommodates 2-4 screws and is attached on either side of the frame to secure hanging wire.
  • A stretcher is a wooden frame designed to support stretched canvas. Stretchers are designed for the insertion of keys to adjust canvas tension.
  • A frame profile that is a shallow "s" shape which resembles the contour of a swan.
  • A hinging method for attaching artwork to a mount. The top of the artwork is affixed while the bottom hangs free. Often used when the window mat engages the perimeter of the artwork.

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