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To Preserve and Protect

By April Hann Lanford

April Hann Lanford is the Principal of Artifact, a Chicago firm specializing in the preservation and protection of works of art and historical artifacts. Her story is one of curiosity and passion.

The American singer Tony Bennett is quoted as saying, “If you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Ever the enthusiast about antiques and history, I find myself active in a career that doesn’t feel like work but rather, feels like an adventure.

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Eye of the Storm

By April Hann Lanford

Professional advice on how to keep your collection safe before and after all hell breaks loose.

It is hard to believe, but this year marks the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in our country’s history, causing more than $125 billion in damage, as well as one of the five deadliest. More than 1,800 people died in the hurricane and the subsequent floods.

Hurricanes and heavy storms can bring an onslaught of rain, which can result in flooding, loss of power, and structural damage. Exposure to water, elevated levels of humidity, and mold can be disastrous to collections of antiques, fine art, and family heirlooms.

Solving Provenance Mystery

Solving Provenance Mystery

By April Hann Lanford

The history of a piece is critical in understanding its personal story and value. Here’s how you can be the detective of your own collection

The word provenance is derived from the French term provenir, meaning “to come from.” When a collector considers purchasing a work of art, the subject of the work’s provenance is often brought up. When the term is used in fine art or antiques, it refers to the history of the ownership of a particular piece—the piece’s personal story.


Fire Protect Your Collectibles

Fire Protect Your Collectibles

By April Hann Lanford

What to do if your valuable collectibles are threatened by fire.

This year has brought on elevated temperatures and created an environment susceptible to wildfires. Fires have devastated California and Colorado and are currently forecasted to worsen.

I have assisted in the evacuation and recovery of fire-damaged collections over the past fifteen years. If you need to evacuate and need to leave your collection behind, here are a few recommendations to help protect your pieces, and assist with potential recovery in the future:

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