FRAMING Articles

Framing Articles

Photo preservation photography preservation archive assistance, archive preservation, collection management

Closed Corner Frames, The Epitome of Custom Craftsmanship

By April Hann Lanford

Closed corner or finished corner frames are custom crafted from start to finish.  This allows for seamless designs and continuous, uninterrupted patterns and ornamentation at the corners.  A museum standard, and collector preferred, these frames provide the first impression for the quality and care of the artwork it houses.

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8 Fundamental Lessons for Archival Framing

By April Hann Lanford

When you meet with a specialist about framing your work of art, selecting the right frame is only part of the equation.  The proper frame should not only beautifully present the piece, but it should also protect it too.  Over the years we have seen many pieces arrive at the studio needing conservation due to improper framing with non-archival materials.

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Glazing Options, When the Difference Isn't Clear

By April Hann Lanford

With the multitude of glazing options now available in the industry, selecting the right glazing can be a daunting task.  There are many options available with some UV protective properties as well as standard glass with none.  Framing should not only be created with aesthetics in mind but also protect your artwork while on view. 

Here are a few questions to initially consider when reviewing glazing options for a frame:

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Photo preservation photography preservation archive assistance, archive preservation, collection management

How to Clean Specialty Glazing

By April Hann Lanford

While fine art glazing is designed to preserve and protect, it should also be cleaned and handled with care.

The following are recommendations based on the type of Tru Vue UV filtering glazing that we regularly frame and protect our client’s work with.  If you have questions on what was used on your piece, please contact us, we want to ensure that the glazing continues to look as good as the artwork it protects!

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Welded Frames Offer Flexibility in Design

By April Hann Lanford

The beauty of metal frames is that you can take an industrial and raw approach to them, or in other cases, achieve a highly polished, minimal, and sleek appearance.

Due to their inherent strength, metal frames can allow for narrower frame profiles for larger artwork.  It all depends on the type of metal selected as well as the finish.

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Custom Oval Frames

By April Hann Lanford

Our closed corner of finished corner frames is custom-crafted at our studio from start to finish.  This allows for seamless designs and continuous, uninterrupted patterns. While most of our custom framing is rectangular in nature, we also create custom round and oval frames. 

This Louis XV revival style oval frame is a combination of hand carving with inscribed detail finish in watergilt 22k and an ebonized finish to add contrast within the design. 

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Frameless Display

Frameless Displays, Acrylic Facemounts

By April Hann Lanford

A frameless and contemporary way to display photographs; acrylic facemounts have become a favorite option among professional artists and galleries.  It provides a sleek, streamlined, and economical way to present works as large as 5 ft x 10ft.

The application of an optically clear adhesive directly to the face of a print and adhering it to a sheet of acrylic

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Framing Components

What Goes into a Custom Picture Frame

By April Hann Lanford

What goes into the physical process of custom framing your artwork?  Picture framing is an art form in its own right and as with any art, there are common practices. Framing is both a way to present your art in an aesthetically pleasing way….


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