Offer Flexibility in Design


By April Hann Lanford

Welded Frames Offer Flexibility in Design

By April Hann Lanford

The beauty of metal frames is that you can take an industrial and raw approach to them, or in other cases, achieve a highly polished, minimal and sleek appearance.

Due to their inherent strength, metal frames can allow for narrower frame profiles for larger artwork.  It all depends on the type of metal selected as well as the finish.


Steel frames have become more popular over the past few decades.  For a more industrial look, the metal can be presented in its welded, untreated raw state.  Surfaces can be intentionally distressed and weathered to add to the rustic appearance.  Welded seams can be left as is as a decorative component showing the inherent structure of the join, or they can be ground to a smooth finishThe metal can also be treated to achieve different tonalities, ground surface textures and sheens.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel profiles usually have a brushed or a highly polished surface. Unlike steel, the surface does not oxidize over time. The brushed surface can soften the appearance of the frame while adding subtle surface texture.


Bronze has a nice warmth and works well with sepia tones, iron gall ink, albumen prints, etc.  The surace can be wax, patinated, burshed, hammered and toned.


Brass looks best when highly polished. Its warm gold tone works well and is a more cost-effective option than a burnished gilded closed corner frame.


With the revived interest of warmer metals, copper profiles have had a resurgence.  Hammered, lightly brushed and patinated, or highly polished, copper is still not seen much in framing, but makes a striking appearance when used.


Aluminum frames are a popular choice for their light weight, and narrow profile widths.

Like brass and stainless steel, aluminum is often highly polished to achieve a mirror like reflective surface.  The surface can also be brushed or powder coated in a variety of painted finishes and colors.  Aluminum is typically the metal of choice when cost is a consideration for closed corner frames.

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