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  • The bottom of the book.
  • The inside pages or leaves of a book.
  • A firm that produced hand-carved, gilded frames from 1927-2016 in LaPorte, Indiana
  • A stain which occurs when a liquid dries, depositing dissolved material at its perimeter. A tideline is characterized by a discrete edge that is typically darker than the rest of the stain.
  • Tungsten Inert Gas Welding. TIG welding is mostly used for critical weld joints, welding metals other than common steel, and where precise, small welds are needed.
  • Closed corner welded aluminum frame. The aluminum surface can be polished, brushed, or powder coated a desired color.
  • A desired hardwood that is known for its characteristic striped pattern. Very popular in Colonial America for its beauty in furniture, wooden objects and frames. Also known as fiddle maple for its prevalent use in the fabrication of musical instruments through today.
  • Developed in the 1850s and popular into the 1890s, an early form of photography where an image is produced on a thin piece of iron that is treated with a silver halide emulsion. Tin types provided an affordable option for photography and portaiture in its time.
  • A round frame designed to house a round painting or mirror.
  • A characteristic of the texture in the surface of paper. A patterned roughness in the form of minute depressions between fibers on the surface.
  • A traditional organic material used for veneer and inlay on frames, decorative objects and fine furniture. Modern synthetic materials are often used in its place to recreate the aesthetic.
  • A single sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic that provides up to 99% UV protection made by Tru Vue. The acrylic was deveoped specifically for facemounting.
  • A large, narrow mirror that is traditionally installed between two windows. The mirror is usually installed within a narrow frame with a ornamental, or painted section at the top.
  • Used in the mid 19th century for textural decoration on to gessoed frame rails prior to addition of ornamental compo.
  • The cloth or paper edge that is folded from the outside to the inside covers.
  • Original translation for vernissage, it was a designated time for artists to apply their final touches and varnish to their paintings while they were installed for exhibition. Critics were invited to view the pieces at this time prior to the public opening.
  • A support made from one of a variety of treated animal skins. Known for its smooth, and slightly translucent surface, was often used in formal documents.
  • The private preview of an exhibition prior to the public opening.
  • French for the process of decorating and gilding the reverse side of glass.
  • The back or reverse of a piece
  • A clear acrylic case, either wall mounted, or displayed on a table fabricated to often display dimensional artifacts without the presence of a frame.
  • The process of applying a thin layer of gold on the surface of a solid base. The gilt surface can be polished to achieve a high reflective sheen or can be given a matte finish. 
  • The bottom border of the mat board is wider than the top and side borders.
  • Closed corner float or traditional engaged frames. finishes include polished, brushed, and raw. Beaded weld can be left or ground.
  • Leaf made with the addition of silver and palladium alloys, which ranges from 6k-13.25k. The addition of silver and palladium influences the tonality of the leaf, creating a warm silver appearance of the gold. Due to the silver content, white gold should be sealed to avoid tarnishing.
  • A relief printing technique where the printing surface is carved from a block of wood. The block of wood is cut so that the wood grain runs perpendicular (cross grain) within the block.
  • A relief printing technique where the printing surface is carved from a block of wood. The block of wood is cut so that the wood grain runs parallel within the block.
  • Introduced in the mid-18th century, paper which is manufactured (either by hand or by machine) on a screen or with an even fine mesh. The paper is very smooth and consistent.
  • An additive in Artcare boards that absorbs pollutants in the microclimate contained within a framing package.
  • Plastic coated picture framing wire.

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