Simplicity Aligns with Elegance-Framing a Vera Wang Gown

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Custom Framing, Vitrines

The Inspiration

From the moment our client came to us with her elegant Vera Wang Hayley Wedding Gown and the desire to have it on display, we were in love with the idea.   The elaborate gown was far too strikingly elegant to be tucked away in an heirloom box in a closet.

The Design

With the neutral sash and neutral décor where the Hayley gown was destined to be displayed, we selected neutral Belgian linen for the backing material in the vitrine. Given the volume of the dress, we wanted to design the display case so that it would be deep enough and wide enough to not crush the dress, yet not overwhelm the room it would be displayed in. Photos of the bride were studied, and a custom armature was made to give support and shape to the dress.  We wanted to mimic how the dress and sash originally laid on the bride to further bring back memories of her special day. A custom clear acrylic vitrine was made to cover and protect the mounted designer gown.

The Result

The vitrine allows for the dress to be shown along all sides, even along the bottom, without the presence of a traditional heavy frame that distracts from the gown. The simplicity of the presentation highlights the beauty and detail of this beautiful gown for generations to enjoy.


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Acrylic vitrines allow for the dress to be almost completely in full view.


Artifact Services, Artmill Group-Overall Image of the framed Hayley wedding gown by Vera Wang

The simplicity of the vitrine design highlights the beauty and detail of the Vera Wang wedding gown.


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